Workforce Development

At the Digital Foundry in New Kensington, we are dedicated to developing the current and future workforce. Whether you're seeking professional development for your team or looking to enhance your own skills in advanced manufacturing, we're here to guide you.

In collaboration with Penn State New Kensington and other supporters, we offer unique learning opportunities for individuals at all knowledge levels. Our campus and Digital Foundry can assess your organization's training needs and create a personalized curriculum or plan to kickstart or advance your digital manufacturing journey.

The Office of Continuing Education at Penn State New Kensington also provides credit and non-credit programs, as well as professional development courses, to support personal and professional growth.

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People sitting in a class at the Digital Foundry

Two young adults working on a project during a Digital Foundry training

People listening to a speaker at the Digital Foundry

Learning about technology at the Digital Foundry